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Hello there!

Hi, I’m Vivian Leigh, mother of sissies, fetish model, Pro-Domme, reptile hobbyist, and introverted internet weirdo. Thanks for visiting My blog!

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From the blog

About Me

Originally from the midwest, I’ve been in the adult industry since I was legal. I started off working at biker gogo strip clubs, then advanced onto Sicilian owned gentlemen’s clubs. Being on the stage and in the spotlight has always been my comfort zone as I grew up in the arts, performing, ballet, classical vocal. I was in a long term relationship from which I had two children, and when that went bad, I moved to Florida to be closer to my mom. Stripping in Florida was very different than it was in the midwest and not nearly as lucrative so, I started camming while I went to school and got my degree. On cam was where I flourished as a domme, started making clips and the rest is history.  Read more

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