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Vivian’s Goodies

Ever wanted to own a piece of my used clothing or enjoy my secretions? Do you yearn to own my scent? Are you a horny, naughty boy? Then look below to see what I currently have for purchase and come back often to see what NEW goodies Goddess has for sale…


Dirty Panties
Mmmmm…savor the scent and smell of your Goddess’ perfect, delectable body.

Lingerie/Pantyhose (destroyed during sex)
smell, wear, worship the cut, torn, and used lingerie of your Goddess that was destroyed during hot, passionate sexual intercourse.

Stinky Socks
oof…for those who enjoy the strong pungent smell of stinky socks your Goddess wore on Her perfect feet all day, this is for you!

Misc Items…

Goddess’ Delicious Spit
a vile full of your Goddess’ yummy spit.

Goddess’ Golden Nectar
a bottle full of your Goddess’ best and delicious golden champagne.

Goddess’ Special Brownies
delicious brownies mixed with a special ingredient from your Goddess. Mmmmm……
$200 for 6

Goddess’ Foot Dust
a vile full of shavings and ground dust from the bottoms of your Goddess’ royal feet.

Autographed Photo
an autographed 8×10 photo of yours truly.

How to Purchase, Shipping Costs and Payment Options…

How to Purchase…
Click on link to the right or scan the QR code. Enter the total amount of the items + the shipping cost in the amount box. Enter your E-mail, full mailing address, names of item(s) you wish to purchase, phone number, full name and credit card number/expiration date and hit “PAY”.

Shipping Costs…
S/H = $12 for tangible items and $20 for ALL “Goddess” items.